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Here is a sample of some of the songs that our members wrote whilst part of I Heart Songwriting Club. Read a bit about their writing process and listen to their songs. For more video content, follow our Facebook page

Our Land, Our Home by Francesca de Valence

"Our Land, Our Home" was inspired by the theme 'native species' and I wrote it from the perspective of being a first generation Australian. Once it was written, I knew I wanted to arrange this for many voices. When I was invited to be the guest composer and arranger for Brisbane Sings 2017, I arranged the song for SAB and sung it with the beautiful singers of the combined Secondary School choirs at QPAC Concert Hall. I love how this seed of a theme scaled up to a monstrous performance with 200 singers. Writing for the sake of writing has so many silver linings - Francesca

Maybe It's Time by Sam Buckingham 

Performed by Sam Buckingham and Benjamin James Caldwell

The week's theme was 'Losing Control' (week 83) and, as usually happens, the words just kind of floated around in my head for a few days before this song decided to come out. Letting go of control is something I'm constantly working to feel more and more comfortable with, and this song came from a place of complete resignation to that idea. When I was writing it I had the male-female harmony clearly defined in my head and knew the song would always be best represented when played this way - Sam

Deciduous Boy by James Halloran

The week I wrote this song, the theme was Autumn (week 31). I have always been quite sensitive to seasonal changes, and why wouldn't I be? Everything in nature changes and adapts with the seasons so why would humans be any different? This is when I sort of explored the idea of a person having the same cycle as a deciduous tree, changing, dropping leaves and starting again. I was 'lucky' enough to have just been through a really terrible experience with a guy I had been seeing, who has totally manipulated me broken my trust in a really serious way...he became the 'Deciduous Boy', flippantly changing his story, his partners and his mind. There is a language warning for this track - James

Chasing Stars by Emma Dean 

The theme was "Reminders from Home" and our members had to write a love song to themselves - to remind themselves to love and nurture themselves (a very important reminder for us all). This is the stunning song that Brisbane-based member Emma Dean Music wrote. Performed live at the BRISBANE POWERHOUSE as part of Wonderland Festival and featuring our friend, The VioIa Cloning Project and of course, the extraordinary Emma Dean herself.

Little Birdy by Paula Hackney from The Floyd Family Breakdown

Performed by Paula Hackney and Dennis Duigan

Our I Heart Songwriting Club theme for the week was birds, with a special instruction to include whistling. I’d previously written a song about birds and had no idea how I could come up with a different approach to this theme. This was a really fun process. I starting mucking around with song themes and snippets of lyrics and melody whilst driving on a Saturday, had an image of a canary in a leather vest and 1940’s leather pilot’s helmet in my head, and how a canary would make a good spy. I put some ideas down on voice memo; and then sat down a few hours before the songwriting task was due on the Thursday. I manage to nut out a chorus and five verses in an hour (not many songs I write get written that quickly). I knew the song had potential for my band The Floyd Family Breakdown, so I reworked the lyrics and jammed with Dennis the guitarist from the band, on feel and arrangement. Seventy percent of the original lyrics are still there, the chorus has been extended, the whistling will be replaced by a solo, and the feel of the song is more swing than rhythm ’n’ blues. The version in this video is Dennis and I wood-shedding the song to get it ready to bring to band with double bass and fiddle - Paula

Diamond by Helen Perris

I wanted to explore the metaphor of becoming a diamond through pressure ('pressure' being the theme in Week 50), but I wasn't sure if it was scientifically accurate, so I started my hour with some research. What I learnt about how diamonds are forced up to the earth's surface gave me the lyrics for the second verse. I had a friend going through some serious depression at the time and I wrote it for him. As I've also suffered, this song has become my reminder that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger and more beautiful - Helen

Light of Day by Emma Dean

Performed by Emma & The Hungry Truth

My song from week 6 with the theme 'rock' is called Light Of Day. It’s about the process of letting go. It warns of the sweet but ephemeral relief one might get from simply distracting themselves from their own grief. It begins, ‘You’re my rock, you’re my rock, you’re my rock, but you do not know it yet. In the dark, in the dark, in the dark I kiss you to forget’... - Emma

Give Her Wings by Forrester & Swan

Performed by the 2015 workshop of Join The Dots (musical)

I wrote Give Her Wings about future me (the theme in Week 36 was 'the future'). At the time, I was at the end of relationship with one of my closest friends, someone who I thought would have been by my side for the rest of my life. Having 60 minutes to write a song can be daunting, but it also allows you to just push your over-thinking, criticising mind to the side and lay your heart down. It's raw, but it's beautiful, and more often than not, the material is very workable. Give Her Wings song then became the finale of a musical I wrote (with Tim Forrester) called 'Join the Dots' - Katie

The Future by Francesca de Valence

Performed by Francesca de Valence, Kayleigh Pincott, Mikaela Ward, Louis Dooner

This celestial song was written as a piano/vocal stream of consciousness exercise in a few minutes and then I spent the rest of the hour transcribing the audio recording. The theme was 'the future' (week 36) and the musical guideline was minimalism. The original arrangement only had 3 parts at a time - right hand piano, left hand piano and voice. I later arranged it for 4 voices. For the majority of the arrangement there are only 3 voices singing at one time except for the finale where there is a 4th part added. - Francesca

Miss Me by Erin Jane

My song from week 3 is called Miss Me drawn drawing on the theme of 'fairytale'. A certain someone inspired my song, a first love. Ahh young love's keen sting, right? I was left with a source that fed me plenty of inspiration to write upon, no matter what the theme. There aren’t any specific references in this song to a fairytale as such, however I was living on my own at that time, completely possessed and obsessed with one person who was never going to provide me with the same amount of attention. Miss Me takes you on a journey through my ridiculous adventures in trying to chase someone until they wanted me back. Fairytales are meant to be full of wonder and magic, however I soon realised that there was no magic left in my fairytale ending. I Heart Songwriting Club specifically around this time was such an amazing opportunity and a time each week to channel through so many emotions. I remember that I didn’t quite finish this song within the hour, however came back to it and used the idea. It features on my debut EP Masquerade Heart - Erin

Ghost by Francesca de Valence

Performed by Francesca de Valence, Eugenie Costello-Shaw, Sam Andrews, Clare Cooney and Nathan Smith.

As founder of this beautiful club, I write at least 1 song per week​ as a way to keep me out of my head and just write. As part of the club you have to write your song in an hour, this is something I've been doing for 2.5 years. 1 hour is not a long time, but some weeks are just so full you have to write your song at the back of a car yard whilst your car is getting new tyres, in order to get it done.

That's what I did one week and this song "Ghost" was born. It's a song about domestic violence. I wrote a string arrangement for it and it made it's performance debut at a packed house Brisbane City Hall​ concert in April 2017 - Francesca 

Chicken Wings by Sam Buckingham

This whole song was built around two words, as part of my weekly challenge with I Heart Songwriting Club - the words were "Chicken Wings". Seems so silly, but it became a very important song to me, about listening deeply to what your heart is asking for. This was filmed at The Newsagency in Sydney by a lovely audience member and features my friend Benjamin James Caldwell - Sam

Sunday by Hannah Athanasiadis

Performed by Hannah Athanasiadis at Anywhere Theatre Festival

The theme for I Heart Songwriting Club one week was "Chicken Wings". It was a theme intended to lighten the task and make songwriting fun. I wasn't really excited by this theme, however as per I Heart Songwriting Club's guideline I just got my song done in 1-hour and it ended up being something pretty special. Here is my Chicken Wings song "Sunday" performed as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017. It's a story of how I met and fell in love with my husband in Toronto, Canada - Hannah

A Place to Call Home by Naomi Kellner-Read

Performed by Naomi Kellner-Read
It was week 9 of my very first I Heart Songwriting Club term and the theme was 'Thank You'. The day after getting the theme was the official I Heart Songwriting Club media launch and it was also the first time I met Francesca. I was embraced into this warm community and I immediately felt at home. This song was written in under half an hour and just floated out of me the moment I got home from the launch. Before joining the club I had been isolated from making music for quite a number of months, but after joining the club I finally felt I had found a place where I could share and make music again. - Naomi