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I Heart Songwriting Club is a global online community which aims to inspire, support and challenge songwriters as they develop their skills in a safe and inclusive environment. Over the past 3 years, the club has generated over 5000 songs from worldwide members including songwriters from Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Brazil. These songs can be heard at live gigs, on albums and are being played on radio around the world. But importantly, the process of writing and sharing these songs are changing people's lives. Join the club!

  • All songwriters can join (15 years +)
  • We are completely online so you are not limited by your location
  • You will need to commit for 10 weeks at a time
  • You will be allocated a group of between 6-12 people. You can join with your friends, but you'll need to email us first so we can put you together.
  • You will need to write a song each week in one hour, record it (on your phone) and upload it to our site.
  • You will need to put aside 30 mins each week to listen and provide feedback to your group members' songs
  • This club is designed to fit into your already full life but to keep you writing every single week. You can write and give feedback in times that suit you in your week
  • To join I Heart Songwriting Club, you need to create an account and an active subscription. A credit or debit card is required to set up a subscription. Your card will be charged by our system automatically before you are assigned a group. You always have control over your subscription.

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Do I have to be able to play an instrument?

It can help, but it's not necessary.
A song at its core is melody and lyrics (and with the melody is an implied harmony). Be prepared to write a melody and lyrics at a minimum and sing your ideas to share them with us. If you play piano or guitar (even just a few chords is fine) that will help you discover and bring to light the harmony you want behind this melody. Remember a cracker song can be written with just 2 or 3 simple chords, a famous example is "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. You may be interested to know that many members have learnt to play instruments whilst songwriting as part of I Heart Songwriting Club. So you don’t need to be proficient or 'good' at anything. Just be ready to have a go and have a few basic skills under your belt.

Do I have to be a good singer?

This isn’t a singing club – it’s a songwriting club and if you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re wanting to improve your songwriting. You’ll need to share your voice to demonstrate your melody and lyrics. And if it's a long-held belief that you can't sing, perhaps it's time to challenge those old beliefs about your singing. If you can speak, you can sing!

Do my songs have to be good?

Do you want to be a better songwriter? You’re only going to feel better about your songs by doing something about it. There are many different pathways you can take to becoming a better songwriter, I Heart Songwriting Club is only one option and may not suit you.

Do I have to write each week?

By joining I Heart Songwriting Club you are making a commitment to your songwriting practice for 10 weeks at a time. After you complete your 10-week term, you can choose whether you continue or not in the next 10-week term. We get that life is busy. Keep in mind it’s a 1-hour exercise per week, which can make a huge difference to your songwriting output. And what you chose to do beyond the 1-hour and beyond the club is up to you. If you're away from your usual writing space or sick, work outside of the box and ask what CAN do you in 1-hour? Members write on the beach, in hotel rooms, in airport lounges - songwriting has no defined 'look'.

Do I have to give feedback?

The listening component of the club takes about 30-60 minutes per week. You don’t need to give critique when offering feedback, but you can. What to say might become more obvious when getting to know the songs and writing styles of other members. You might like to start by commenting on the parts of the song that you liked most. If you feel comfortable and it's relevant, you could share a part of the song that doesn’t sit well with you, in your opinion. Often times your comments encourage songwriters to go back and listen to the songs written and see them in a different light. Don't be scared to be constructive and creative with your criticism, as long as it's done with sensitivity. It's really important for us to grow as writers and that can be enabled in this space. We help you give feedback in the club and we support you along the way.

Do I have to have recording equipment?

No. Just use something basic to record your song on, like a voice memo phone app. We encourage this. Keep it simple.
When you have finished writing your song, simply record it on your phone and upload it to our site. Many members of I Heart Songwriting Club find recording their ideas during the songwriting process can also be helpful to remembering their ideas. Having something simple to record with can be very useful to your songwriting development.

Do we meet in person?

I Heart Songwriting Club exists completely online.
You are not required to meet any members in person. We hold official events in Australia only, at this point, and members can opt in to be involved. All official events can be found on our Events page.

How can this help my songwriting?

The ways are unlimited.

Start Songwriting Again

"I wrote my first song seven years ago. I wrote my second song three years ago. I wrote my next eighteen songs in the last few months as a member of the I Heart Songwriting Club." - Mariamma Mitchell is way past her 20th song with I Heart Songwriting Club

Increase Your Songwriting Skills and Confidence

"I had a lot of self doubt about my songwriting and it often took me a long time to write and a long time between songs. This doubt has gradually been whittled away as making time to write for the club every week has both honed my skills and increased my confidence." - Helen Perris has written over 200 songs with I Heart Songwriting Club and is recording so many of them for her next album we've lost count.

Be Motivated to Songwriting Each Week

"I Heart Songwriting Club is my songwriting personal trainer. For an hour a week I have to train. Even if I don't like my performance or progress, I've got one hour to write to an idea. I don't have time to question it or over think it and I've got a community to act as an audience to keep me accountable to my brain-training." - Riley Beech has written over 70 songs with I Heart Songwriting Club and is still exercising every week.

Feel Safe and Supported to Songwrite and Get Feedback for Your Work

"We can sometimes be so caught up in making a song perfect that we keep it to ourselves and are too afraid to share it with others. This very special club allows songwriters to let the barriers down and let go of the fear. So many beautiful songs have grown through this club, through the feedback and help from other humble and wonderful songwriters. what a fantastic way to be creative, keep the songwriting juices flowing and clear the mind." - Erin Jane was the human inspiration to start this club. This beautiful artist is now playing her music around Australia and the UK.

Explore Your Creative Possibilities

"As a long time songwriter, joining the I Heart Songwriting Club nearly two years ago has opened a whole new door to creative possibilities. The simple act of being accountable to share my unfinished, raw work and having the privilege of hearing the in-progress work of others inspires and motivates me to delve deeper into my craft and potential as an artist." - Sam Buckingham has just recorded the first song she wrote with the club (over 2 years ago) on her brand new album, and regularly shares her 1-hour-created songs at her live shows.

Become More Objective About Your Creative Work

"By writing week after week I have come to a place of being songwriting fit. I have a much more objective view of the merits of the songs I have written, and have broadened my 'songwriting palette'. While each week's songwriting submission have been exercises, it has been a nice surprise to find I now have enough material to bulk out the repertoire for a new band which reflects a different side of my songwriting - a side that I had never really nourished as I felt I didn't have the creative energy to split from my primary projects." - Matty Whitney is a cracking-amazing songwriter who is living in Chicago and has performed many of his I Heart Songwriting Club songs live and writes songs as 'gifts' for his friends.

When can I start?

Anywhere from right now to 2 weeks time.
Each group works to a 10-week term program. Each terms begin on any given Thursday (AEST) and starts when there are between 6-11 other members ready to start a term. Usually the wait time from sign up to being assigned your first songwriting task is very minimal (1-2 weeks). You will be emailed when you have been assigned a group and when your term is ready to start.

What does it cost?

$50 aud per 10-week term.
Each 10-week term is billed in full at the start of the term. Payments are made through our secure payment provider, Stripe, which accepts credit card and debit cards.

Can any songwriter join?

Essentially, yes!
Songwriters at every stage of their journey and careers are welcome to join I Heart Songwriting Club. You can live anywhere in the world as we don't meet at any physical place or time. The only limitations are that we communicate in English and you must be 15 years and older to join.

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