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Hello and thank you for visiting us. This is the home of I Heart Songwriting Club, one of the largest, global communities for songwriters. We’re all about helping you write the songs of your dreams and create the success you want, while making life-long connections and having fun.

We’ve worked with thousands of songwriters from all over the world, all ages, all experience levels and all genres, to help them turn their song ideas into song successes and we’re here to help you too.

No matter whether you’re an award-winning, published songwriter, full time musician, hobby songwriter, or haven’t yet written your first song – we’ve got you covered. We have so many resources to help you make the progress you want no matter what stage you’re at on your songwriting journey.

Take a look around and discover our club, our members and the ways that we can help you. And we’d love for you to join our community.

What is I Heart Songwriting Club?

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Join Us and Write Weekly

If you’re looking for the support and accountability to write songs every week and receive helpful feedback on all your songs, no matter where you are in your songwriting journey, then join the Club.

The Club will transform your songwriting practice and give you amazing songs that you can use for your next project.


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Want to learn more about the Club and how we help songwriters become creative free? Discover practical tools for overcoming songwriters’ biggest blocks and barriers, be inspired to tackle writers’ block, time management, and perfectionism and become creatively free.


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Want to feel more empowered on your songwriting journey but don’t know where to go from here? Take the I Heart Songwriting Club Quiz to discover your next steps and inspire your way to writing better songs.


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Be Inspired by Songs from our Club Members

Go behind the scenes of the club and our community. Meet our members, listen to songs written in the club and more…


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Getting started with songwriting?

Nik joined our Beginner Songwriting Course and wrote his first 10 songs.

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I Heart Songwriting Club is a global community of passionate songwriters who love to help and inspire people to become great songwriters!

Looking for community?

Donna Lynn joined the Club to get feedback from like-minded songwriters around the world.

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Writing for your first album?

Shirley-Ann wrote her entire debut album in the Club and is now working on her second.

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Missing the joy of songwriting?

Pro-writer Gitika spends 1 hour a week reconnecting with the joy of songwriting.

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Not sure what you’re looking for?

Edward writes songs for different projects and to keep developing his creative skills.

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Member Spotlight:
Karen Jacobsen

Multi award-winning artist Australian Karen Jacobsen has just released her 10th studio album, “Ready For What I Came Here For”.

Featuring 8 glorious songs written in the Club, Karen says I Heart Songwriting Club has made a new level of creative fulfillment possible for me. My inner artist is rejoicing, as I take time weekly to write for myself.

Discover how Karen wrote most of the songs in her weekly songwriting practice in The Club.


Discover Karen’s Story

I Heart Songwriting Club has transformed my approach to songwriting – I used to write slowly, and in complete isolation until a song was developed enough to share. Now, I can use each weekly task to quickly sketch out an idea, get some feedback and decide whether these ideas are worth putting more time into, and worth bringing to band rehearsals.
Edward Buckridge

Edward Buckridge, Brisbane, Australia

As a touring musician, having time to write is often allocated to the end of a to do list. I Heart Songwriting Club has encouraged me to put the thing I love the most about my career back into a weekly priority. I am remembering the initial joy of writing a song for the pure joy of writing a song. 

Sally Barris, Nashville, USA
Tanya Ransom writes songs each week in I Heart Songwriting Club

Since joining I Heart Songwriting Club I’ve written countless more songs than I had in the previous 10 years of songwriting (Hello APRA royalties!). It encourages practise and with that practise it has brought more strength and diversity to my lyrical content. It’s also a beautiful way of connecting and sharing with other writers that I wouldn’t have otherwise met.

Tanya Ransom, Broome, Australia

The members pictured in the top banner are Wild Eyed Wonder, Sam Buckingham, Tim Tainsh, Carla Thursday, Kin Yang, Gitika Partington, The Jazzueles, Donna Lynn Caskey, Tahnja Wolter, Saraima Navara, Paulina, Josh Crawford, Jeremy Sullivan, Mama Kin Spender, Elska, Arthur Holmes-Brown.