How to write an album a year with ease

Songwriting tips for singer songwriters

Free Masterclass with Francesca de Valence

How to write an album a year with ease - Free Songwriting workshop I Heart Songwriting Club

Want to write songs prolifically and abundantly week after week with ease?
Want to write and release a new album every year?
Want to become a prolific songwriter?

In this free songwriting masterclass, discover four essential tips to songwriting that will change the way you write songs forever and empower you to become the artist you’ve always wanted to be. With over 15,000 songs written using these simple songwriting tips, you will have no more excuses to stay stuck and struggling with songwriting. 

We’ve run this masterclass all around the world including in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, USA, and also online for a number of years to reach as many people as possible. Bringing this online and on demand, we are able to make these incredible insights accessible for everyone in every timezone. 

Taught by the founder of the revolutionary online songwriting club, I Heart Songwriting Club, this inspiring session will offer you practical tools for overcoming songwriters’ biggest blocks and barriers once and for all. Be inspired to tackle writers’ block, time management, and perfectionism and become creatively free!

This is for you if you want to get past blocks and write more songs than ever before, play your songs on stages and have people love them, record and release your songs and so much more!


When you sign up you’ll have 24 hours to watch the masterclass. So sign up when you’re ready to watch the full video. It goes for about 90 minutes and there’s a special offer that will be available – and it all happens within and within 24 hours.

Raleigh joined the club after our workshop in New Orleans in January 2020, and after 15 months of being an active club member, this is what Raleigh has to say:

Dr. Raleigh Duncan I Heart Songwriting Club member

“I Heart Songwriting Club has changed my life. I am a real songwriter now and it brings me such joy. The club has been an important part of making this happen for me! Thank you Francesca for bringing your workshop to Folk Alliance International in New Orleans.”

Dr. Raleigh Duncan, Berkeley, CA