I Heart Songwriting Club


I Heart Songwriting Club inspires creativity for songwriters by providing an online interactive platform for the practice and development of songwriting; we promote and build community for songwriters so that they thrive; and provide tools, resources and support for songwriters to flourish so that they reach new career and creative heights.

We deliver this through our online songwriting club, mentored kids and adults songwriting courses, through opportunities for paid performances, collaboration, through guidance and mentorship programs, and our in-person and online creative and professional development workshops.

We are committed to:
  • building community and wellbeing for all songwriters whilst increasing the songwriting output for the benefit of their careers and the music industry
  • providing a low-cost online platform for all songwriters to develop their songwriting skills and practice their songwriting
  • providing ongoing resources, tools and guidance for songwriters to overcome barriers and take the next step in their songwriting journey and career.

We believe:
  • that songwriters and songs are at the centre of the music industry
  • that anyone can write songs
  • that creative freedom is personal freedom
  • that all songwriters need a regular and consistent songwriting practice
  • that high-output productivity builds resilience in songwriters and results in quality songs over time
  • that isolated songwriters are more at risk of failing mental and/or career health
  • that peer support can increase levels of self-esteem, confidence and feelings of connectedness
  • that a regular songwriting practice coupled with peer support can lead to positive career and mental health outcomes

Our ultimate goal is to grow a more vibrant and interconnected global songwriting community with strong outcomes around songs and creative and career development for the benefit of all songwriters and the global music industry.

How We Support Organisations:

We have been assisting peak industry bodies, educational institutions, city councils, private mentor programs and even record labels for years to deliver songwriting workshops and creative development programs both in person and online.

We have loved working with SUGARRUSH MUSIC in 2017, 2018 and again in 2019 with their BIG SKY GIRLS project, a songwriting mentorship for young regional women made possible by Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Queensland, APRA AMCOS, Virgin Australia and Backbone Youth Art. All the young women from this program come from all over Australia - from regional to remote places.

How we support BIG SKY GIRLS is we start the songwriting mentorship with our in-person workshop at their weekend camp in Brisbane and enrol the songwriters in our 10-week songwriting mentor program online. Whilst they are back at home, all they need is phone/computer and WIFI access to take part in our rich 10-week songwriting mentorship with lessons, feedback and guidance every step of the way to help them write 10 finished songs in 10 weeks.

At the end of the online mentorship, the program facilitates an album recording using one of their songs from their online songwriting program.

Deb Suckling from SUGARRUSH MUSIC shares about the 2018 program here:

We partnered with Ipswich City Council, BEMAC, RASN and Studio 188 in 2019 to deliver a 10 week creative development program for young songwriters of Ipswich. Starting with a full-day workshop, some songwriters were writing their first ever songs, followed by a 10-week online songwriting development program, and in November 2019 they will get together in their local community to put on a concert for their community.

This is one of the songs written in that program by Jarrad Wrigley, performed on ABC Radio Brisbane.


We were delighted to partner with Music ACT to deliver the "200 Songs for Canberra Project" a 2-day in-person workshop series, followed by an online 10-week songwriting program and original music showcase. What this project made possible for songwriters was the enriched peer community, for some the first songs they've ever written, and the launching of some singer-songwriter careers. Currently some of those songs are being recorded in a studio in NYC. More to come later.
This project was made possible thanks to the ACT Government and APRA AMCOS.


We have been working with the amazing music students at St Paul's School in Bald Hills in Australia since 2018 with some incredible outcomes. We have delivered in-person workshops, full-day workshops, mentorship and also a 10-week creative development program for their young songwriters, which resulted in a showcase of all original music. Check it out in this video.

This is just another result of a 1-1 mentorship program with their young St Paul's School student, Alex Harper. An original music written, developed and produced as part of Anywhere Festival 2019.

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