Exclusive Premiere: Nuria What Will Become Of Us (2020)

Simon Shapiro

3 July 2020

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Following from a prolific start to 2020 with 5 tracks already released from her upcoming debut album, Tasmanian indie-pop artist Nuria delivers a striking new track to mark these strange times.

‘What will become of us?’ on one level is a beautifully personal account of the artist’s longing and struggle as she “ached to feel loved and special to someone, to be good enough, to be worthwhile”.

The classic dilemma of a lonely and searching soul, that at first seems to be a singular need of reassurance, cleverly finds a triumphant resolution not in the answer to her question, but in the very subtle and powerful reframing of it, from asking where is this all headed for “me?” to where is this all headed for “us?”.

Ultimately this song is a calling to self, to universe and community in these times of enforced isolation, where loneliness and a re-evaluation of our inner and communal identities have been thrust upon us.

Full and earthy production values that Nuria’s home caravan recording studio capture are given the space and clarity of a crisp and current mix from talented Alice Springs based Dave Crowe (aka Resin Moon).

Nuria is stamping the music scene with an impressive collection of well crafted and relatable songs. Her ability to hit on an intimate yet universal theme and to create something inspiring and uplifting out of darkness and pain are on full show in “What will become of us?’

This heart-swelling track was written through Nuria’s involvement with I Heart Songwriting Club and is available on all digital platforms from July 3, 2020.

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