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Songwriting Tips

Some tips that might help you (aka the hard, but valuable lessons we’ve learnt):

  • Be childlike in uncovering the song.
  • Go with the initial creative idea and see where it takes you.
  • Focus on the process not the end goal. You don’t ever have to perform the song, record the song or share it outside the club. It’s just a process.
  • Avoid editing and judging – this one is hard, we know. Observe the thoughts and let them pass. (I giggle at my ‘naffness’, then go with it)
  • We don’t care about the performance of the song or the quality of the recording. We don’t care if you think you can sing or not. We just want to help support you in writing and be supported in return.
  • Share whatever you would like to about the process for you. Often times we can relate. It’s so nice to share the same difficulties with others – it helps you feel less alone.
  • Songwriting is on a spectrum. Writing a good song and a funny song and a naff song is still on the spectrum of songwriting.
  • Have fun! Seriously! Have fun!

We hope these tips help you get started, unstuck or keep going.

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