I Heart Songwriting Club

I Heart Songwriting Club

I Heart Songwriting Club is a global community providing a platform for songwriters around the world to enhance creative practice through an online songwriting Club, opportunities to perform new work, to develop skills, collaborate and support each other.

Founded by Brisbane-based singer-songwriter and educator, Francesca de Valence, as a private email club on 11 September 2014 in response to a small group of songwriters who had 'writer's block', it was never conceived to be more than an exercise that might last a few weeks. But the club grew organically by word-of-mouth and within weeks had members from all over the world. It was making a difference. I Heart Songwriting Club was named on its first year anniversary but couldn’t keep up with the requests for people who were hearing about the benefits and wanted to join. In June 2016, an open-source site was trialed to test the concept on the public - 50 people joined in the first month and 100 in the second month. I Heart Songwriting Club developed a purpose-built website and from March 2017 the Club became open to world membership.

The online Club structure is a 10-week challenge, though many members stay on and use the Club as their weekly songwriting practice. Over 10 weeks members spend one hour per week writing a song to a theme and songwriting guideline provided by Club Administrators, who facilitate the structure and culture of the club experience on I Heart Songwriting Club’s purpose-built platform. Members share their songs privately with assigned groups on the website providing feedback on each other’s work. This challenge encourages members to develop discipline and creative fitness. It is hosted within a supportive community providing relief from feelings of isolation and insecurity, and allowing songwriters to connect in meaningful ways. Members have expressed how I Heart Songwriting Club has also improved their overall well-being and mental health.

Since inception, the I Heart Songwriting Club has generated over 8000 songs from over 650 songwriters that come from 16 countries. Our members are songwriters of all ages and levels of experience. Some are published songwriters and some are brand new songwriters. Songs created through I Heart Songwriting Club have been nominated for ARIA Awards, are synced to BBC films, are recorded on albums and EPs, have been written into musicals, have been performed all around the world on festival stages, can be heard on radio and podcasts internationally, and some have won prestigious music industry awards.

I Heart Songwriting Club goes beyond being a platform for songwriters to songwrite and helps support members to reach their life goals. I Heart Songwriting Club is a club for people who write songs, for people who want to write songs, for people who used to write songs, and for people who don’t think they can write songs. I Heart Songwriting Club is for everyone.

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Francesca de Valence

Francesca de Valence

I Heart Songwriting Club Founder & CEO

Francesca de Valence is an Australian artist, award-winning songwriter, speaker, and founder of the global creative tech community, I Heart Songwriting Club. She has been acknowledged by the Los Angeles Music Awards with an International Songwriter of the Year Award and also holds an Australian Songwriting Award. Francesca has supported artists including Jimmy Webb, Belinda Carlisle and Deacon Blue and her music can be heard on national radio around Australia, France and Ireland.

Francesca writes a monthly column for Songwriting Magazine UK, has a fortnightly ABC Radio songwriting segment and facilitates songwriting workshops nationally and internationally for PROs including APRA AMCOS & IMRO. When she's not on the road running workshops, making music and speaking, Francesca can be found in her hometown of Brisbane or her creative hub in Paris - eating baguettes and writing songs.

A prolific composer with a huge catalogue of independent releases over the past 12 years, Francesca has penned the music for her first musical “Beware of Boys” co-written and co-produced at the Anywhere Theatre Festival (2018), and her latest creation “Songs de Paris” is an ongoing musical experiment of her relationship with Paris – presented live in both Australia and Paris.

She has performed at iconic global music venues including The Bitter End (NYC), The Viper Room (LA) and The Ruby Sessions (Dublin), at festivals including Folk Alliance International New Orleans (NOLA), MOFO (Hobart) and Brisbane Festival, and has even performed a concert to a French audience entirely in French language.

Pursued by an overwhelming desire to nurture creative expression and foster a deep sense of belonging in all individuals, Francesca founded the global digital phenomenon I Heart Songwriting Club in 2014, a global online community for songwriters to develop their creative practice through structured 1-hour weekly challenges over 10-weeks. Through this social enterprise, Francesca has been the spiritual and creative midwife for over 8000 new songs from 650 songwriters from 16 countries around the world.

An ‘uplifting, enlightening, and empowering’ force in the global music industry, Francesca de Valence is a musician with a mission to be living her wildest creative dreams and inspiring others around her to do the same.