I Heart Songwriting Club

Exclusive Single Premiere:
Francesca de Valence Phoenix Rising (2017)

September 22 2017
Tommy Spender


Francesca de Valence’s latest offering Phoenix Rising is so much more than the gentle sound of birds rousing you from slumber. Showcasing all the different facets of not only an incredible voice but a nuanced and thoughtful songwriter, Francesca has uncovered and invited us into a darker, moody and yet ultimately triumphant expression. As the song develops, gears shifting cleverly between major and minor it builds with thoughtful production supporting its trajectory; the repeated tension paying off with a massive full soprano chorus release. Showcasing Francesca’s powerful and liquid like soprano - the song unfolds taloned and ominous, but always with promise on the horizon, always the flames burning distant and clear in the darkness, for the massive chorus and its triumphant rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes.

Written as part of I Heart Songwriting Club, Phoenix Rising was Francesca's response to the theme “birds” with the additional guideline of whistling, which transformed to the ‘operatic’ bridge section in the final recording. The track was recorded by one half of Saint-Hughs, Nick O’Donnell and the music video directed by Daryl Lee Irvine glorifies Francesca’s creative vision. The emblazoned music video features future 2018 Commonwealth Games weightlifting star, Alyce Stephenson and twin Emma Cervetto as duo lyra aerialists, Francesca as the rising phoenix, and a very fine team of artists who created the look of these striking characters including Rebecca Anthony, Jodie Taylor, Shy Designs, and international fashion label based in Brisbane, Black Milk Clothing.

Phoenix Rising is available from all digital stores from September 22.

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