I Heart Songwriting Club

Exclusive Single Premiere:
The Jazzuleles I Am Free (2020)

May 29 2020
Mardi Lumsden and Francesca de Valence


We might just have found the young granddaughter of "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and "Somewhere over the Rainbow", all universal gifts to the world. There is something quintessentially joyful about the ukulele, and this track is joyful from beat one.

“I Am Free” is the debut single from Far North Queensland ukulele duo, The Jazzuleles (Shirley-Ann Rowley and Alison Skardon) written in I Heart Songwriting Club in late 2019 to the theme of “I Am”. With the additional constraint to use only 20 words in the whole song, this economy of lyrics creates a happy uncomplicated song to lift the human spirit and inspire hope.

Songwriter Shirley-Ann Rowley shares her personal insight into the song: “I wrote I Am Free as a celebration song; a personal anthem acknowledging my own journey through some of life’s big ticket items - childhood poverty, domestic violence, racism, sexism, cancer and chemotherapy”.

“I Am Free” whisks us away to a beach-side bar where the days are long, the ocean is warm and the music makes us smile. Given that the entire world has been quarantined in lock down, this song demonstrates the power of music to transport and transform humans.

Shirley-Ann says, whilst “life is not always fair or easy… we all have the power to choose how we’re going to live it cheerfully or fearfully.”

"I Am Free" is available on all digital streaming platforms from May 29, 2020.
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