I Heart Songwriting Club

Exclusive Single Premiere:
Laudy Lioness (2018)

June 29 2018
Mark Rosenberg


Watch out world there is a new artist on the scene! Hailing from regional Queensland’s Kingaroy, Laura McGreevy, “Laudy”, almost completely gave up on her dream of a career in music but 2 years ago connected to an online community of songwriters in I Heart Songwriting Club to support her creative and artistic journey. It is in I Heart Songwriting Club that Laudy wrote this track, Lioness, her debut single, and the rest of the tracks from her upcoming EP.

Entering with an 80's sounding synth bass, Lioness begins as a light mellow groove with sweet vocals laying out the story of the pain of being trapped in a moment with no seeming way out. But the resolve is coming, loud and clear. Grab the nearest bass then repeat her mantra "Now pick yourself up off the floor". You can feel it coming and then it smashes into an up-tempo danceable chorus with power and full of emotion.

This track is the outcome of what happens when songwriters come together – a total I Heart Songwriting Club collaboration, recorded by former member Nick O’Donnell, with members Natalie de Jager and Hannah Athanasiadis on backing vocals, and recorded at I Heart Songwriting Club’s recording and production workshop in early 2018.

Lioness is an empowering modern track and will keep the listener enamored from start to finish. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP.

Download Lioness on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp from 29 June and attend Laudy’s official single launch on 27 July at the City Sounds Showcase in Queen Street Mall (Brisbane) from 5pm.

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