I Heart Songwriting Club

Exclusive Single Premiere:
Karmel Jäger Back Of You (2018)

July 26 2018
Jackie Marshall


Karmel Jäger is the electronic producer singer-songwriter alter ego of London-Sydney based classical mezzo-soprano, Carmel de Jager. Inspired by female producers Elizabeth Rose and Nyxen, Jäger is taking her brand new dance tracks out of the bedroom and onto the dance floor.​

Her debut effort Back Of You drops in immediately with an effective mid-party vibing beat. Featuring polished vocals and the unapologetic break-up line "No, I'm not still crying baby... I'll be glad to see the back of you", Jäger's track works as a classic-feeling anthem for young female empowerment on the dance floor. Jäger introduces new textures and motifs with each drop, never overplaying her hand. Her warm vocal timbre and adventurous track development make this a fun debut hinting at a bright future in club music with fantastic potential for collaboration with other talented artists.

Listen to Back Of You here, and be sure to see Karmel Jäger make her live Brisbane debut as part of the I Heart Songwriting Club City Sounds Showcase on the Queen Street Mall on Fri 27 July, 5-7.30pm.