I Heart Songwriting Club

Exclusive Single Premiere:
Hannah Ana Oceanside (2019)

February 21 2019
Edward Buckridge


Oceanside is the debut single from Canadian-Australian singer-songwriter and I Heart Songwriting Club member, Hannah Ana. The song captures a yearning for the ocean that has been in the heart of the artist since childhood, and brings these emotions to life in a composition that is at times restrained and contemplative, but alternately full of feeling – almost operatic in its emotional content. Lyrically, this continuum is marked out between lovingly detailed descriptive passages (“ripples reflect on the ocean floor”) and unabashed declarations of personal impact and connection (“I feel it all – mind, body and soul”). Virtually every phrase hints at the ocean in some way – “deeper yet”, “sinking down below”, “gentle vibrations” – and the overall effect is of being immersed in the story, as in the water.

Supporting this ebbing and flowing of feeling is a spaciously textured arrangement that is carefully crafted to rise and fall, like the waves it evokes. The first verse is largely unadorned – subtle synth pads bring warbling oboes and strings to mind but the focus remains on the rich, resonant alto of the lead vocal, with harmonies used sparingly to emphasise key lines. Occasional pauses and short moments of silence in this section enhance the sense of building tension. It is halfway through the first chorus that the addition of delayed percussion to the mix starts building the energy that will break out in the second verse and chorus. At its peak, Oceanside has a beautiful, encompassing grandeur. The third verse is a stripped back reprise of the first and the omission of a final chorus left me wanting more – a great decision!

I was lucky enough to hear earlier iterations of this song and my excitement to hear a studio version has been more than met with this beautifully crafted production.

Be the first to listen to the Oceanside single and watch the music video here before its release on all digital music platforms from Fri 22 Feb. And be sure to see Hannah Ana at her Oceanside Single Launch Concert with Claudia Allard (another I Heart Songwriting Club Member) at The Junk Bar, Brisbane, on Sat 23 Feb, 3-6pm.  Tickets and event details here.