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Exclusive Premieres

All songs and reviews below are from I Heart Songwriting Club members.

Exclusive Single Premiere:
Francesca de Valence Let Go (2018)

February 2 2018
Colleen O'Connell


Multi award winning Brisbane artist and songstress Francesca de Valence is set to raise the hairs on the back of your neck with her epic new power ballad Let Go.

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Exclusive Single Premiere:
Colleen O'Connell Burnt (2017)

September 29 2017
Laura Mulcahy


The opening moments of Colleen O’Connell’s Burnt set the scene for a beautifully crafted journey, punctuated by honest and poignant lyrics. The captivating simplicity of the opening lyric against a sparse piano accompaniment provides all the opportunity for the song to grow and build, one that O’Connell and her production team did not let slip by.

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Exclusive Single Premiere:
Francesca de Valence Phoenix Rising (2017)

September 22 2017
Tommy Spender


Francesca de Valence’s latest offering Phoenix Rising is so much more than the gentle sound of birds rousing you from slumber. Showcasing all the different facets of not only an incredible voice but a nuanced and thoughtful songwriter, Francesca has uncovered and invited us into a darker, moody and yet ultimately triumphant expression.

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Exclusive EP Premiere:
Madelena Scrapbook (2017)

August 21 2017
Tash Parker


There are many gems of Tasmania, and singer-songwriter Madelena is certainly one of them. Her contagiously enchanting debut EP "Scrapbook" is a little collection of songs filled with love, hope, reflection and honesty sure to make you feel some warm fuzzy feelings. The majority of the tracks were written as part of I Heart Songwriting Club...

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Exclusive EP Premiere:
Laura Mulcahy The Start (2017)

August 14 2017
Sarah Collyer


"The Start" is the energetic and inspired debut EP from Brisbane singer-songwriter, Laura Mulcahy. Five songs that journey through blues-inspired-sass to gospel-inspired-soul via moments of Mulcahy's intimate thoughts.

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Exclusive Single Premiere:
The Madistones Big Time (2017)

June 1 2017
Francesca de Valence

The Madistones


Give yourself a kick-up-the-butt with this pumping four-on-the-floor debut single by new Brisbane line-up The Madistones. A song about getting your shit together, Big Time is a call to action from the get-go: “Wake up baby, time to stop sleeping”.

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