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What Have I Done?

I’m an Australian musician living in Berlin. I’m here because I wanted to live somewhere else (having always lived in Australia) and to have an adventure.

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Why failing at being a ‘famous pop star’ was the best thing I ever did!

When I was younger, my dream was to become ‘a famous pop star’. To be honest, I didn’t really know what it meant to be a ‘pop star’ or what that job description entailed exactly. All I knew was that if people around the world knew my name and could sing along to my songs, surely this meant that I would be ok and whole and loved, and that all my problems would magically disappear?

How wrong I was!

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Co-Writing 101

Co-writing in Nashville with Sam and Riva

Sam Buckingham (Aus) and Riva Taylor (UK)

November 2017

Last month, two I Heart Songwriting Club members met up in Nashville, USA for a co-writing session. I Heart Songwriting Club set up an email introduction and then they were on their own. Both experienced artists and songwriters but with very different experiences in co-writing, Sam Buckingham (Byron Bay, AUS) and Riva Taylor (London, UK) met for the first time to write a song. We loved that we could help facilitate a co-writing session for them and we are so grateful they were willing to share their insight into the daunting but exciting process of co-writing and letting us hear the actual DEMO SONG!

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Working With Mama Kin Spender

Claudia Allard (Jabberwocky Down), Brisbane QLD 

October 2017

I Heart Songwriting Club has been such an amazing community to be apart of. It has opened my perspective on how to write music, helped me create lots of new songs, shown me how to connect with a large songwriting community from all over the world and given me some of the most exciting musical experiences yet...including singing with Mama Kin Spender. 

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Consistently Creating

Jonathan Chambers, Perth WA

September 2017

When I first started playing music I almost immediately started writing songs. I would write songs drawing inspiration from events in my life or a deep emotion like being in love or someone close to me dying. Waiting for things to move me meant I didn’t write many songs over many years of trying to write songs. On the surface, there was an endless list of things to write about, but the songs did not flow that way. I did not feel strongly enough about everything around me to write songs consistently.

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A Scrapbook of Songs

I joined I Heart Songwriting Club in September 2016, I’d found myself in a bit of a creative energy slump and was determined not to keep going in parallel to my musical goals. I wanted to make songwriting and creativity the centre of my life again and to spend more time in spaces with like-minded people where I felt challenged and supported.

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You know that meme image thing that’s gone around Facebook about a million times that has, written in bold, “Badly explain your profession”? And everyone comments with, basically, how what they do may be perceived by an alien from outer space? This is mine: “I move my hands around a piece of wood with metal tied to it and tell people about my feelings”.

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We Can't Be Blooming All Month

This year I premiered a theatre piece at Perth Fringe World called My Greatest Period Ever. It is a synopsis of how I used the principles of the book The Optimised Woman to make music and just live life in general. It was half stories and some theory/facts and half songs that all reflected one of the 4 phases associated with the menstrual cycle. Menstruating people have 4 phases in a month. As a cyclical creature, you can do whatever you want whenever you want but you have 4 opportunities to make the most of. I do, and I make music much better! As well as life decisions, commitments, relationships etc.

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One Song At A Time

How I Heart Songwriting Club Was Instrumental In Helping Us Launch Our First Show

A last minute decision, a leap of faith and four months of preparation led us to May 7, 2017 — Opening Night of Music & Lyrics with Naomi & Hannah. The journey leading up to our first performance as part of Brisbane’s Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017 was anything but smooth. We both had to jump hurdles, battle our fears, and learn to work together rather than against each other.

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100 Songs and Counting...

For the last two years, since the end of March, 2015, I have been part of I Heart Songwriting Club, writing a song a week, surrounded by fantastic musicians and songwriters with so much talent, passion and heart. This diverse group of people have held me safely and securely while I've explored the deep dark crevices of my own soul, pushing my own boundaries and challenging my own limits. I've done my best to encourage them to keep writing every week, because I want us all to be growing together, and because selfishly I want to keep feeling inspired by them.

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How Writing a 1-hour Song Every Week for a Year Changed Me

Apparently there are two types of people. People who believe that intelligence is a fixed thing, and people who think it’s changeable. I believed that my intelligence was finite. I think I learnt that because other people always said to me when I was a kid how ‘talented’ and ‘clever’ I was, especially with reference to being a musician. Practising for hours daily on piano and violin was seemingly overlooked as the reason I was actually a really good musician.

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